Fr 4. Oktober 2019

Ziga Koritnik 'Cloud Arrangers'

Ziga Koritnik, ein wunderbarer Photograph aus Slowenien, präsentiert sein beeindruckendes Buch „Cloud Arrangers“, mit ausgezeichneten Arbeiten der letzten Jahrzehnte... CH

To make a comparison, in essence Koritnik represents for jazz in Europe of the '90s into today what Roberto Masotti and Gérard Rouy had been in the '70s-80s: the eye that captured the spirit of an era. There is no higher compliment. (Francesco Martinelli)

Žiga is a 'Muse-ician', one who make magic with the muses. With his mind's eye, he has the ability to move faster than the speed of light, to capture moments in time and share them with the world through his photographs. The camera in his hands transforms shadow and light from commonplace into truly extraordinary human experiences. He is an improviser, a chronicler of life in real time, a poet, a philosopher, a free spirit, a song in anticipation of being sung. (Joe McPhee)