Di 27. Februar 2018

The Third Guy (ESP/SLO)

Ruben Orio: percussion
Primož Sukič: guitar

Ruben Orio ist ein spanischer Perkussionist, der sich in Brüssel niedergelassen hat und neben eigenen Projekten auch regelmäßig mit dem weltberühmten ICTUS-Ensembles arbeitet. Mit seinem Duo mit Primos Sukic "The Third Guy" residiert er im Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik in Graz und macht mit seinem Kollegen einen kurzen Abstecher in die Strenge Kammer, um seine Idee von „Free Impro & Movement Pieces“ zu präsentieren. Spannend! CH

The Third Guy is a duo based in Belgium, featuring Primož Sukič on guitar and Ruben Orio on percussion. Although the two musician had already been playing together since 2014, when they first met at the post master-academy program offered by the ICTUS ensemble and the HoGent Conservatory, their official debut dates back to January 2017, after an artistic residency at QO-2; a concert venue based in Brussels, focusing on experimental and contemporary music. There, they presented themselves with works by composers Michael Pisaro and James Sounders, among whom the latest also contributed a new work written for the duo. Either performing with dancers, workshopping new compositions, or creating a soundtrack for a silent movie, their regular concert activity spreads out through festivals, cities and venues as SIRGA Festival in Flix (Spain), SPOR Festival in Aarhus (Denmark), Ljubljana city museum (Slovenia), Champ d’action in Antwerp, SMOG in Brussels or the University of Southampton (UK).

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