Do 20. April 2023

Lynne Arriale Trio (USA)

Lynne Arriale: piano
Martin Gjakonovski: bass
Lucasz Zyta: drums

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„The Lights Are Always On“ ist das 16. Album der Pianistin und Komponistin Lynne Arriale und ihre dritte Aufnahme bei Challenge Records International.
Lynnes Originalmusik ist eine Suite von Kompositionen, die die weltweiten, lebensverändernden Ereignisse der letzten zwei Jahre widerspiegeln. Einige der Stücke sind zu Ehren von Helden auf der ganzen Welt benannt, einschließlich derer, die als Pfleger an der Front der Covid-Pandemie und als Verteidiger der Demokratie dienten. Bei dieser Session wird Lynne von dem Bassisten und Co-Produzenten Jasper Somsen und dem Schlagzeuger E. J. Strickland unterstützt, beides hervorragende und gefragte Musiker in der internationalen Jazzszene. Das Trio schafft die Art von fesselnder musikalischer Konversation, die zu einem Markenzeichen von Lynnes Gruppen geworden ist. (Pressetext)

Lynne Arriale has been a major force in jazz piano for many years. She has been a regular visitor to Europe year after year and is sought after by many venues who vie to present her during her overbooked tours. Often spoken about in the same breath of Ahmad Jamal, Keith Jarrett and McCoy Tyner. She is one of the true voices in the word of contemporary piano. (Pressetext)

Pianist/composer Lynne Arriale’s 16th album as leader is her third recording on Challenge Records International. Lynne’s original music is a suite of compositions that reflect the world-wide, life-changing events of the past two years. Several of the pieces are named in honor of heroes around the world, including those who served as caregivers on the front lines of the COVID pandemic and as defenders of democracy. 

On this session Lynne is joined by bassist/co-producer Jasper Somsen and drummer E.J. Strickland, both outstanding, in-demand musicians on the international jazz scene. The trio creates the sort of engrossing musical conversation that has become a trademark of Lynne’s groups.

As humanity reeled under the COVID pandemic, Lynne was overwhelmed by the dedication of Dr. Prakash Gatta, an esophageal and robotic surgeon in Tacoma, Washington. Lynne explained, “This collection was inspired by the doctor and all front-line health care workers. For me, Dr. Gatta crystallized the workers’ heroism; each day bearing the risk of personal infection,and enduring the emotional toll of staggering caseloads presented by this global crisis. Nevertheless, the doctor said, ‘Here I am back at work after COVID...I fled Kuwait after the invasion. No matter what happens, no one works at home. The lights are always on. Babies are being born; bones are being set. This hospital, this profession…..we are in a league of our own; we’ll take care of you, I promise. I stand next to the most fearless people I have ever seen.’ ”

“Dr. Gatta’s words deeply moved me and evoked memories of 9/11. In the aftermath of that attack, I remembered the rescue workers who ran into the towers without hesitation or concern for their personal safety, and thought, ‘Who are these angels?’ Clearly, the angels of our time are Dr. Gatta and all health care workers, professionals and volunteers alike, who battle COVID-19.

 “Dr. Gatta’s ‘lights’ illuminate hospitals and emergency care facilities. But there is also spiritual light in the humanity, compassion, and courage of Dr. Gatta and all our angels; shining brightly and eternally, even in the midst of devastation and loss.”  

 “There is always reason to believe in that light; the inherent goodness of people. It shines in those leaders who spoke truth to power and stood up for what is right. They changed the world, often jeopardizing their careers, and in some cases, their lives.

“In appreciation of these heroes I offer this musical tribute. It is dedicated to our loved ones, and to our better angels; those who embrace truth, compassion, and inclusivity, and reject selfishness, lies, and hatred. It also acknowledges the marchers, my beautiful sisters worldwide, and the heroes of science and medicine who have sacrificed so much.

"The album also expresses my special admiration for the character of Representative John Lewis, Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the patriots of the Capitol Police who stepped into the breach risking their lives to defend our elected representatives and our democracy during the January 6, 2021 Insurrection.”