Mon Nov. 2, 2020
Auf 2021 verschoben

Billy Cobham’s Crosswinds Project (USA)

postponed !

Billy Cobham: drums

Steve Hamilton, Nikki Yeoh: keyboards
David Dunsmuir: guitar
Michael Mondesir: bass

Aufgrund der pandemischen Entwicklung hat sich die Band und ihr Management entschlossen, die gesamte Tour auf 2021 zu verschieben. Der genaue Termin wird ehestmöglich bekanntgegeben. Karten behalten ihre Gültigkeit oder können gegen Gutscheine umgetauscht werden. Wir bitten um Verständnis...

As the second installment of The Billy Cobham musical archives becomes a reality and available for consumption I believe it prudent to offer my thoughts on the idea of re-presenting my older material in a light and fresh perspective. The original compositions have been updated and matched up with new material to enhance and strengthen the original musical concept and direction. When I created Crosswinds, the original album for Atlantic Records, it was not just to continue to build my archive but also this was an act of survival to keep working as an artist by offering to the public an example of who I was at the time as per my development from the creation of Spectrum, my first album as leader. When one thinks of the “School of Hard Knocks”, this concept fits in perfectly with that monocle since experience would be my best and only teacher. Nothing comes without a price as I learned from those early experiences that I have built on over the past 45 years. “Time Lapse Photos” reflects the past while showing how all in life evolves based upon the lessons presented in everyday actions. One way to experience this, my life story from the release of Crosswinds in 1974 to the present is to experience The Crosswinds Project and hear the music inspired by the original ideas both in the foundational songs of “Spanish Moss”, “Savannah The Serene”, “Pleasant Pheasant”, and “Crosswinds” then consider where I have arrived to in “Under the Baobab Tree”, “Taurian Matador”, “On The Move”, and “Time Lapse Photos”. Enjoy! (Billy Cobham)