Sat April 18, 2020

Diknu Schneeberger Trio (A)

Diknu Schneeberger: guitar
Julian Wohlmuth: rhythm guitar
Martin Heinzle: bass

Dear friends of P&B, dear jazz fans,

as it seems that it will take some more time until we can open our doors again in real life, we will at least do so in a virtual form, namely two times a week with livestreams from our club. We have invited some artists of the Austrian jazz scene to perform in small ensembles ‒ solo, duo, trio. The demanded distance between them will be guaranteed, of course. A team led by Friedemann Derschmidt will be shooting, our team led by Ronald Matky and Norbert Benesch will provide a good sound, Michael Aschauer and Thomas Peterseil will take care of transmissions as flawless as possible ‒ shows you can watch at home every Thursday and Saturday at 8.30 p. m. via As you cannot visit our club anymore, we will deliver the concerts to your home – jazz delivery service! The streams should not/may not/cannot be downloaded, but will be available only once. Basically we are offering this service for free, but of course we would be grateful for your donations – the motto is “pay as you wish”.
We will strictly abide by all governmental regulations. In case our project should be forbidden some day, we will (hopefully) already have finished the shooting of some of these shows. In addition, we own some very professional live recordings from the past that we could broadcast instead. But as mentioned above: our new idea is going live! Welcome to the club!