Sat Feb. 15, 2020

Rob Soelkner Quartet & Strings (A)

Robert Sölkner: piano
Sarah Kurz, Theresa Singer, Andreas Kaufmann, Evi Singer, Saw Win Maw, Lydia Kurz: violins
Martin Ohrwalder: trumpet
Walter Singer: bass
Tobias Steinberger: percussion

„The compositions on this album hark back to certain places I relate to, having passed through them or spent periods of my life there. Interestingly enough, what I mainly recall are not so much the mighty buildings of Downtown New York as the shabby corners of my Queens neighbourhood; not the Malecón or the Capitol in Havana, but a rainy day in a small town on the eastern fringes of Santiago de Cuba province; nor the postcard idylls of Tyrolean mountains, but the ascent to a secluded alp one foggy morning…“