Fri March 20, 2020

Dave Douglas Devotion Trio (USA)

canceled !

Dave Douglas: trumpet
Marilyn Crispell: piano
Susie Ibarra,: drums

Sorry, leider abgesagt. gekaufte Tickets werden natürlich rückbezahlt. Wir bitten um Verständnis

Sorry this part has no English translation

The sequel to the 2014 Dave Douglas / Uri Caine album Present Joys that centered on renditions of Sacred Harp tunes and which the New York Times called, “an album of duologue that manages to be at once intimate, soulful and irrepressibly buoyant,” Devotion features new original compositions by Douglas in devotion to many of today’s greatest composers.

On tour Dave Douglas will be joined by Marilyn Crispel on piano and Susi Ibarra on drums. In a sense, Douglas argues, Devotion is a tribute to his collaborators as well. “In this trio, I felt that a particular focus and intention were required,” he says. “To play with Kris and Andrew, I needed to go to a particularly reverent space as a trumpeter.”