Wed Oct. 30, 2019

Wolfgang Reisinger Quartet 'time no time' (A/CH/I)

Wolfgang Reisinger: drums, percussions, electronics
Mario Rom: trumpet
Sebastiano Tramontana: trombone
Christian Weber: bass

Just as he does not many do touch the drums. The sounds which Wolfgang Reisinger elicits from his instrument and his playing have been providing astonishment in the world of jazz for decades. Creativity and independence characterize his playing and underpin his traditional place in the Jazzolymp.

“Reisinger is individual, concrete even in his ‘pianistic approach,’ so to speak, to the drums: the thinking in finely shaded nuances of color and dynamic attack and beyond that a well defined harmonic consciousness manifest in open tritonos tuning. A state of consciousness as a richly differentiated, microcosmical universe of sound that stands alone and lays claim to assertion, since the drum part is not only an accompanying supplement but rather searches for a center within itself.“
Andreas Felber

After many years of collaborations with the French as well as with the American jazz scene - most recently in his "Elastic Quartet" with trumpeter Jaimie Branch - Wolfgang Reisinger now presents a new quartet. "Time no time" stands both as a synonym for a game with the simultaneity of opposites and the creative potential of the seemingly absurd as synonymous with our time par excellence.

The initial spark was a short trio set at the Club Porgy and Bess in Vienna. "Sometimes, very seldom, it is like this: a first meeting and you know: this is something very special. In a short-term substitute concert for the Jeunesse Musicale with Mario Rom and Christian Weber a music spontaneously emerged that we musicians simply cannot ignore and have to continue. "

First take perfect - and now? Check out this second concert - to the quartet expanded by the Sicilian master of trombone Sebastiano Tramontana.