Thu July 18, 2019

Nuf Said (ROM/USA/A)

Ioana Vintu: vocals
Andrew Gould: alto saxophone, flute, composer
Marko Churnchetz: keyboards
Johannes Felscher: bass
Peter Kronreif: drums

The music of 'Nuf Said is neither jazz nor funk nor soul nor rock. It's all of it and more. This New York-based quintet taps into each of those styles and mixes them all together to create a groove-heavy, stirring brand of music that's all its own. [……] There may be a rhythm-centered aesthetic here, but you can't pin down the deliciously omnidirectional approach of 'Nuf Said. There's is a sound that abounds with many musical flavors and scents. (Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz)