Wed Dec. 5, 2018

Synesthetic Quartet / KVIN / BartolomeyBittmann (A)

Synesthetic Quartet
Vincent Pongracz: clarinet
Peter Rom: guitar
Manu Mayr: bass
Andreas Lettner: drums

Philipp Kienberger: bass
Raphael Kasprian: violin
Emily Stewart: viola
Cornelia Perwein: cello
Tatjana Wurzer: piano

Matthias Bartolomey: cello
Klemens Bittmann: violin, mandola

After a very successful premiere two years ago, this December’s motto is once again: “Curtain up for the young Austrian jazz scene”! On December 4-5, the KICK JAZZ festival will focus its spotlight on the lively, diverse, and innovative activities in the young Austrian jazz scene at PORGY & BESS.

Word has spread to other European countries that the Austrian jazz scene is changing. A lot and at the highest level. The number of young musicians, bands, and ensembles who have made a name for themselves outside their home country has risen significantly in recent years. Just think of David Helbock, Mario Rom’s Interzone and Kompost 3. Austrian acts are in demand. They are invited to well-known festivals, make guest appearances in the hip jazz clubs of the continent, and are increasingly appearing on major international labels.

Kick Jazz wants to acknowledge this development. As with the first edition of the festival, six promising young bands will be given the opportunity to present themselves to the public. But not only that, Kick Jazz also wants to open the doors to the European jazz scene for the musicians. That is why, once again, international promoters, bookers, and festival operators will be invited to experience the high quality of the local scene.