Thu March 29, 2018

Ángela Tröndle & Pippo Corvino Quintet 'Getting Out of the Envelopes' (A)

Ángela Tröndle: vocals, keyboards, piano, loops
Pippo Corvino: acoustic guitars, cigar-box-guitar, synth-guitar
Andreas Fürstner: acoustic guitar, e-guitar
Maximilian Ranzinger: bass
Philipp Kopmajer: drums
Special Guest: Golnar Shahyar: vocals

Ángela Tröndle and Pippo Corvino started their musical collaboration in early 2016 through the internet, writing and arranging songs together without having met each other in person. This work in progress led to their first album to be released in 2017. After a 3 months process of "cyber collaboration" they started rehearsing their songs in real and first live concerts followed.