Thu March 9, 2017

Cudars / Draksler / Mayr / Schellander (SLO/A)

Matiss Cudars: prepared guitar
Kaja Draksler: piano
Manuel Mayr: basses
Matija Schellander: modularsynthesizer, bass

Kaja Draksler (1987) is a Slovenian pianist and composer.
After her studies in the Netherlands (BA in jazz piano and MA in classical composition), she decided to stay in Amsterdam, where she is an active member of the improvisors scene, performing extensively all over the Europe. Besides her frequent solo concerts, she has been working regularly with Čudars-Draksler Duo, Feecho, BadBooshBand, and Draksler-Santos Silva duo. She is also one of the founding members of the interdisciplinary group I/O. She recently formed her Octet.
As a composer she has been commissioned by various international groups, ranging from vocal and chamber ensembles to big bands and orchestras.
Kaja is interested in finding ways to merge the composition and (free) improvisation by working with different structures and musical logics. She is drawn to the idea of erasing the stylistic and historical musical borders, and discovering personal expression and language through composition and improvisation. (ebendort auch ausführlichere Bio mit mehr Detailinfos-kann diese leider nicht runterladen als text)

Matīss Čudars
Matīss Čudars (1991) is a guitar player and composer working in jazz and improvised music. Started as a trombone and xylophone player in a children's music school, meanwhile playing the guitar in the math-metal band Ghiarta. Has studied music in Riga Dom choir school and Amsterdam Conservatory. Currently performing solo concerts, as well as together with the pianist Kaja Draksler, in the singer-songwriter band How Town, as well as with the Latvian Radio Chamber Singers, performing Matīss' compositions.
I’ve been very fortunate for:
1. -My parents’ decision of signing me in at the Ogres Mūzikas Skola at the trombone class.
2. -the children guitar that was in our house for a few weeks when I was 9 years old and that I picked up and played for that time period and decided that I liked doing it.
3. -making new friends while playing street hockey, who turned out to be a band looking for a guitar player. That was my first band Ghiarta - we loved Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan and Sikth. That shaped my affection for work and dedication in the world of music.

Manu Mayr is a vienna-born bass player. Studied jazz & classical doublebass and is currently living, working and doing other things as a freelance musician in vienna. focused on the fields of improvised, contemporary and electronic music.
for recent developements check:
had the pleasure to play with outstanding soloists, ensembles, composers, performers, producers and friends like:
Martin Eberle, Benny Omerzell, Lukas König, Wolfgang Mitterer, Klangforum Wien, BIT20 Ensemble Bergen, Janus Ensemble, Jazzorchester Vorarlberg, Clemens Wenger, Dorian Concept, Daniel Riegler, Vincent Pongracz, antiehdas, Zsofia Boros, Sixtus Preiss, radio.string.quartet vienna & John Surman, Christian Schiller, Benjamin Schmid, Maja Osojnik, Audrey Chen, Kaja Draksler, Colin Vallon, Thomas Gansch, Katharina Ernst, Golnar Shahyar, Christof Dienz, Rania Moslam, Herbert Pirker, Peter Rom, Leo Riegler, Max Nagl, Martin Brandlmayr, Julian Sartorius…
and is currently working in vienna-based collectives Jazzwerkstatt Wien, Laub Records and snim.

Matija Schellander, *1981
Matija Schellander is an Austrian composer and improvising musician
based in Vienna, mostly using double bass, modular synthesizer,
and speakers: processing input, moving air output.
In recent years he has focused on music for double bass solo, developing a project consisting of three parts that incorporates space, movement, light and sound during his stay in Berlin in 2011/12. (part 1)
Another double bass solo project is new music for Dreyer´s Passion of Joan of Arc, commisioned by the Filmarchiv Austria in 2013.
In 2012 Schellander released his first solo CD "sum šum" with 7 electroacoustic compositions inspired by dystopic literature and movies on the label The Manual (Seoul, South Korea).
Schellander regularly works with Maja Osojnik in their electroacoustic duo Rdeča Raketa. Founded in 2008, they have released the tape "Old Girl, Old Boy" on mosz records (2010) and the LP "wir werden" ("we will") on god records (2013).
"Wir werden" consists of two carefully composed pieces each spanning one side of the vinyl album, organically blending various electronic sound sources and field recordings with acoustic instruments like paetzold recorder, double bass and piano.
Opened and closed by spoken word lyrics, Wir werden deals with the past repeating, movements and their absence in front of systems appearing to be crumbling, relationships between people and their inner fears.
The ensemble Low Frequency Orchestra (founded by Angelica Castello, Thomas Grill, Maja Osojnik and Matija Schellander) started in 2003. They have realized many projects, including a CD with Wolfgang Mitterer and sound/text piece with author Anja Utler.
Another project located somewhere between music and performance is the duo with Choi Joonyong, pushing around guitar amps and double basses in Europe and Asia since 2010.
Schellander also collaborates with Attila Faravelli, who released the sound object "freie aerophone" (from his series Aural Tools) inspired by Schellanders solo double bass music in 2012.
Schellander has worked with many great musicians and composers, including Enrico Malatesta, Ryu Hankil, Burkhard Stangl, Franz Hautzinger, Wolgang Mitterer, Dieb 13, Noid, Klaus Filip, Okkyung Lee, Michael Bruckner, Isabelle Duthoit, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Michael Thieke, Hannes Lingens, Christof Kurzmann, Jin Sangtae, Andrea Neumann, Bernhard Lang, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Lukas König, Leo Riegler, Tom Johnson, Martin Brandlmayr, Metalycée, Raumschiff Englmayr, Bernhard Breuer and many more.

1997-2001 Masterclasses with Jamaaladeen Tacuma (E-Bass), Wolfgang Musil (Live-Elektronics), Helené LaBarrierre and Peter Herbert (double bass).
2000-03 studies of Computer Music und Electronic Media at the University of music and applied arts, Vienna; Composition classes with Germán Toro-Pérez (CO) final exam passed with distinction
2000-08 double bass & e-bass at the Konservatorium Wien private University with Uli Langthaler (A, jazz) and Andrew Ackerman (USA, classical). academic degree: Master of Arts (with distinction)
2005 Fidelio Award - special price of the Kommunalkredit Austria (performed with Wolfgang Schiftner & Mathias Koch)
2007 SKE Fonds Publicity Preis (with the Low Frequency Orchestra)
2011 START Stipendium des B:MUKK
2011 Förderungspreis Musik, Land Kärnten
Festivals (selection):
Jazzfestival Saalfelden, Dotolimpic Seoul, Reheat Kleylehof, new music days Ostrava, Sound Disobedience Ljubljana, IRZU Ljubljana, Musikprotokoll Steirischer Herbst, Jazzfest Wien, Hörgerede/Elevate Festival Graz, ISMEAM Sarvar, Kontraste Krems, Kaleidophon Ulrichsberg, Sajeta Tolmin, OdeonMusik Wien, TransArt Bozen, Hörfest Graz, Toussiana Frankfurt, Glatt und Verkehrt Krems, V:NM Graz, Jazzfest Wiesen, Hotel Pupik Schrattenberg, Sommerszene Salzburg...
Releases (selection):
Rdeča Raketa: wir werden (vinyl, god records, austria)
Matija Schellander: šum sum (CD, The Manual, Seoul/Südkorea)
Low Frequency Orchestra & Wolfgang Mitterer – MOLE (CD, chmafu nocords, 2010
Rdeča Raketa– Old Girl, Old Boy (tape, mosz records 2010)
Metalycée - It is not (Vinyl, mosz records. 2009)
Compositions & Installations (selection):
ohne mich waere alles noch viel schlimmer (8 hour performance/installation, Reheat Festival Kleylehof, Austria 2012)
Bank / Klop (12'. for 18 hunting horns. comissioned by Jagdhornbläsergruppe Köttmannsdorf) premiere: 12th July 2012, Rathaus Wien
Ohne Antwort... (17'. for voice with Electronics, Modular Synthesizer, Tapemachine. WithMaja Osojnik (alias Rdeča Raketa). Commisioned by Festival OdeonMusik IV). UA: 3.2. 2012, Odeon Wien.
ich wär so gern ein hummel, dachte die biene. dann lernte sie mit nur einem flügel zu fliegen und war zufrieden (2011, for two bows, 1 Performer) premiere: Klangmanifeste Festival, December 2011
Blendung I-IV (15'. for Pätzold recorder with Electronics, E-Bass with Electronics and 4 voices. With Maja Osojnik. commisioned by Ensembles Hortus Musicus). premiere: St. Jakob v Rožu, Kärnten 2010.
kärntner mischung / koroška mešanica (3'32'', for voice, double bass, field recordings. Commissioned by Meina Schellander for her installation 2010)
Ballad Löwenherz (4'26'', lyrics by Wolfgang Kühn. For Voice, electronics and 2 acoustic guitars. Commisioned by the Ensemble Zur Wachauerin. 2010)
Red Point (music for dance performance; composed in collaboration with the group Metalycée and Keiko Higuchi, for Trautonium, Moog Synthesizer, E-Bass and drums. Commissioned by Akemi Takeya 2009) premiere: Festival Kontraste Krems
deus ex machina (5', for trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, piano, e- guitar, double bass, e-bass and drums. Commissioned by the Jazzwerkstatt Vienna Workshop Ensemble, 2007) premiere: Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2007
workshop: Ableton Live (at the Roomservice Festival, Vienna 2011)
wokshop: Improvisation (with Maja Osojnik and Ryu Hankil, Mullae Art Center Seoul 2012)