Wed March 29, 2017

Jean-Paul Bourelly 'Kiss The Sky' (USA)

Jean-Paul Bourelly: guitar, vocals, electronics
Darryl Taylor: bass, vocals
Kenny Martin: drums, vocals

Harry Sokal muss aus gesundheitlichen Gründen das geplante Konzert mit Depart absagen. An seiner Stelle spielt Jean Paul Bourelly mit seinem Trio 'Kiss The Sky'! Jimi Hendrix forever!

Kiss The Sky is a modern electric blues train steaming into new sonic territory, reflecting experiences as African Americans in the Diaspora. „We are constantly coming up with new ways in this capitol city Berlin to express our own particular direction through re-contextualizing motifs that people know through a RocFunk sensibility.“ (JPB)
The songs unravels into a fresh blues spaces. „Music is for the people. We are artists, we are here to serve the people of the planet and suggest something different that at the same time is connected to our history.“ (JPB)
Get on board.