Thu July 4, 2024

The Silk Sonic Soul Train 'Bootsy’s Callin' / The Beatles Project (A)

The Silk Sonic Soul Train directed by Horst-Michael Schaffer
Victoria Ettl, Nayika Shanker, Chelsea Scoma, Jennifer Weitzhofer, Sophie Alber, Ashton Lippner: vocals
Oliver Dragovic: trumpet
Simon Esterbauer: saxophone
Roman Kugler: guitar, vocals
Johannes Jünnemann: guitar
Elias Tiefenbacher, Hannah Roitinger: keyboards
Jakob Randacher: bass
Jakob Winnecke: drums

The Beatles Project
Bamlak Werner, Leona Sperrer, Max Nitsch: vocals
Stephan Lerchbaumer: clarinet
Theresa Singer, Rahel Neyer: violins
Sophie Trobos: viola
Maike Clemens: cello
Mali Derado: piano
Balthasar Singer, Alexander Putz: bass
Raphael Gaar: drums
Markus Harm: conductions
Martin Schrack: arrangements

The Silk Sonic Soul Train
Silk Sonic is an American Rn'B band around the two pop music icons Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak.
Known for their sugar-soft sound somewhere between rap and Rn'b and a glamorous retro stage show
they revive the American style and lifestyle of the 70s and 80s, from Las Vegas to New York!
This year's Rn'B Ensemble of the iPOP - Institute for Popular Music, under the direction of Horst-Michael Schaffer, dedicates itself
to this resurrected genre, which is also enjoying increasing popularity in Europe!
Bootsy's Callin': Handmade music for handsome people!

The Beatles Project
Songs by the famous pop band will be performed in extremely complex and sophisticated arrangements by Prof. Martin Schrack for the ipop ensemble under the direction of Prof. Markus Harm. A very special composition of instruments, in which not only the voices, but also a 5-piece string ensemble and a jazz rhythm section with a clarinet soloist play a leading role in the interpretation of the witty arrangements and have come together to form an extremely exciting band!