Sun April 7, 2024
Das Kindermusical von & mit Stella Jones

Frogs – Freche Frösche

Produktion, Muppets, Musik & Text: Stella Jones
Regie:Wolfgang Palka, Stella Jones
Choreografie: Kenya Bernal Gonzalez
DarstellerInnen: Barbara Safaverdi-Gall, Stanja Ender, Evi Jandrisits, Angelina Saloniemi, Kenia Bernal González und Stefan Ulreich.

Stella Jones new children`s musical tells the story of the adventurous journey of two frogs, who try to stop the mad intents of the insatiable Madame Medusa. With the aid of their animal friends the frogs try to save the Rainbow forest while the landowner wants to build a new domicile at the old land. But the builders have to reckon with some surprises. Will the frogs succeed in saving the rain forest and can they convince Madame Medusa?

FROGS is a musical comedy for children from 3 to 99 years with humorous dialogues, life-size puppets and jazz, funk & soul rhythms, which animate the audience to dance.