Fri April 12, 2024
Salam Music presents

Nabyla Maan & Orwa Saleh 
Ensemble (MAR/SYR/IR/A)

Nabyla Maan: vocals
Orwa Saleh: oud
Tarik Hilal: guitar
Mahan Mirarab: guitar
Judith Ferstl: bass
Hubert Bründlmayer: drums
& special guests

The inaugural collaboration of Moroccan singer Nabyla Maan and the Vienna based Syrian Oud player Orwa Saleh at Salam Music promises a sensitive fusion of styles and an exciting exploration of musical traditions.
Nabyla Maan, born and raised in Fes, has gained recognition in her homeland of Morocco and internationally, skillfully bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. Her ancestors emigrated from Andalusia and settled in Fes, this historical connection influenced her artistic path. She is particularly dedicated to the art of Malhoun, a poetic singing style rooted in Arab-Andalusian culture, giving it a contemporary touch. With five successful albums and numerous performances worldwide, Nabyla Maan continues to evolve artistically.
Orwa Saleh is renowned for his progressive approach to playing the oud. Born and raised in Syria, he discovered his passion for traditional Arabic music at a young age. Leaving Syria in search of new artistic horizons, he found a creative home in Austria. His oud playing demonstrates impressive virtuosity and a deep understanding of the diversity of Arabic music. Orwa Saleh creates contemporary music by blending traditional melodies with innovative compositions, captivating audiences with his superb ensemble and energetic stage presence. His musical journey reflects cultural connections and the universal language of music.