Sat April 13, 2024
Salam Music presents

Majid Bekkas Quartet 'Joudour' (MAR/BEL/A)

Majid Bekkas: guimbri, kalimba, vocals
Manuel Hermia: soprano saxophone, bansuri
Michael Hornek: piano, keyboards
Karim Ziad: drums

The multi-instrumentalist and creator of "African Gnaoua Blues," Majid Bekkas from Morocco, blends traditional North African Gnawa music with jazz, blues, and other global music influences. His virtuosity, particularly on the guembri (three-stringed lute), and numerous musical collaborations with renowned musicians worldwide have earned him significant recognition in Morocco and internationally. With his latest album Joudour (2022), Majid Bekkas celebrates the 20th anniversary of his groundbreaking album "African Gnaoua Blues" and presents together with his longtime fellow musicians Michael Hornek, Karim Ziad and Manuel Hermia, boundary-crossing music that intertwines cultural diversity and traditions in a contemporary context.