Tue April 23, 2024
Re-Stream vom 4. Juli 2021

James Blood Ulmer Solo (USA)

James Blood Ulmer: guitar, vocals

Das Konzert muss leider aus gesundheitlichen Gründen kurzfristig abgesagt werden. Wir wünschen unserem Freund James Blood alles Gute und danken Ihnen fürs Verständnis. Im virtuellen Club zeigen wir den Re-Stream des Solo-Konzertes von Ulmer am 4. Juli 2021.

Unfortunately, the concert has to be cancelled at short notice due to health reasons. We wish our friend James Blood all the best and thank you for your understanding. In the virtual club we will show the re-stream of Ulmer's solo concert on 4 July 2021.

(…) James "Blood" Ulmer is one of the few guitarists to have forged a style based largely on the traditions of African-American vernacular music. Ulmer is an adherent of saxophonist / composer Ornette Coleman's vaguely defined Harmelodic theory and plays with a stuttering, vocalic attack; his jagged lines speak with the authority of a free jazz improvisor and the accent of a soul-jazz tenor saxophonist. His solo guitar work is an expressive, hard-edged, loudly amplified hybrid. But Ulmer isn't limited in his musical scope. in these sessions he reveals himself to be an instant inventor of repute on the flute and a memorable songwriter and blues singer with the now classic Are you Glad to be in America. James "Blood" Ulmer: dynamic, dedicated, never to be duplicated - an original. (Pressetext)