Sat May 13, 2023

Moor Mother 'Jazz Codes' (USA/SEN/B/GB)

Camae Ayewa: vocals, spoken words, electronics
Dudu Kouate: percussion
Alya Al-Sultani: vocals
Aquiles Navarro: trumpet
Farida Amadou: bass
Edward Wackili-Hick: drums

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Moor Mother aka Camae Ayewa is widely regarded as a unique and powerful political voice in contemporary music and spoken word poetry. In her new project Jazz Codes she uses innovative approaches to combine different genres, styles and forms of expression, from jazz to hip-hop to contemporary classical music. Moor Mother explores the interface between jazz and poetry, inspired by historical events, social issues and personal experiences. Complex soundscapes featuring multi-layered textures and haunting voices reflect the diverse themes of Moor Mother’s artistic universe.