Mon Sept. 5, 2022

Spectrum Saxophonquartett / Anna Anderluh / Kry / Millycent / Alicia Edelweiss / Candlelight Ficus (A)

Spectrum Saxophonquartett
Severin Neubauer: soprano saxophone
Daniel Dundus: alto saxophone
Stephanie Schoiswohl: tenor saxophone
Florian Bauer: baritone saxophone

Anna Anderluh: vocal, autoharp, piano, babykeyboard & more

Mona Matbou Riahi: clarinet, fx
Philipp Kienberger: bass
Alexander Yannilos: drums

Milly Groz: vocals, piano

Alicia Edelweiss: vocals, accordeon
Lukas Lauermann: cello
Mattias Frey: violin

Candlelight Ficus
Niki Waltersdorfer: vocals, guitar
Simon Brugner: drums, vocals
Fridolin Krenn: bass, vocals
Jonathan Herrgesell: saxophones, keyboards

The New Austrian Sound of Music – in short NASOM – is a long-term sponsorship program by the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (BMEIA), promoting young emerging Austrian and Austria-based bands and musicians performing abroad. The aim of NASOM is to offer biennial support for international performances of promising young talents with the help of a global network of embassies, cultural forums, and consulates. A further objective of NASOM is to draw more attention to the fact that Austrian music creation – beyond the traditional – is as vibrant, modern, and culturally diverse as ever. Every two years, 25 young artists are selected in cooperation with the organization mica – music austria and Austrian music universities from the genres classical, jazz, world, contemporary and pop music. NASOM is celebrating it´s 20th anniversary in 2022 and welcomes six bands on stage in a 20 minute slot.

Spectrum Saxophonquartett
It is the saxophone’s extensive richness of colour the quartet wants to give a stronger voice to through a variety of classical and contemporary saxophone music. The SPECTRUM Saxophone Quartet is a young, dynamic ensemble searching for extended sound technics on their instruments. Therefore, the four musicians are connected by their longstanding friendship and collaborations in various genres.

Anna Anderluh is a vocalist, composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist whose fragile, thought-provoking songs combine playful experimentation and improvisation with the accessibility of pop music. Her lyrics, in English and German, offer a lighthearted critique of modern life. She likes to accompany her voice with unusual instruments such as a self-modified autoharp, minimalistic loops build with toys as for instance a plastic bag, coffee pot or pinecones, etc.

KRY is an instrumental trio formed in Vienna in late 2019. Unattached to any specific genre or style, its sound is a revelry of simplicity and intuition, a celebration of complexity and control and an intricate fusion of its individual members broad musical spectrum.

MILLYCENT is about to shoot up into the sky of funkyversum. She decided over night to become the queen of mumble-rap. Asked why, she’ll answer: “Cause I’m dancing on the inside. Beat & mumble are my volcano’s lava!”
This Solo-Project combines bits of old disco hits with new lyrics, rearranged beats and unexpected harmonies. Milly Grozs’ improvisation on the common grounds of evergreens drift into comedy, the absurd or free tonality. Her joy in combining free improvisation, jazz and disco pop, macho lyrics of the 60s and feminist positions, hip hop, swing and weird sounds makes the Millycent concerts an experience for very different kinds of audiences.

Alicia Edelweiss started her musical career as a street musician, when she travelled all over Europe for two years, setting off at the age of 19. The songs tell personal stories, wrapped in the magical language of poetry, dreams, sagas – weaving tales of sublime inspiration, light-hearted humour, bitter-sweet irony and profound sadness that touch the highest and deepest chords of human experience: these songs stay with you. The artist herself calls her music „Circus Freak Folk“.

Candlelight Ficus