Sat May 7, 2022

Volkmar Klien 'Unausweichlichkeit – Eine maschinelle Performance'

Ausstellungsdauer: 08. bis 31. Mai 2022


A machine hurls small magnets through the exhibition space. On the other side of the room they impact with a whopping sound slightly below the top of a metal locker and stick to it.
Over the course of hours and days ever more of these metal cubes accumulate on the locker’s side.

The consequences of all this are self-evident to the visitors. They look, listen, and await the in-evitable.
A couple of days into the exhibition the first locker falls; eventually the second and – towards the end – all has collapsed, things have taken their course, the inevitable has occurred.

Growing up in Vienna Volkmar Klien spent his childhood engulfed in the city’s rich musical life with all its glorious traditions and engrained rituals. Working from this background Volkmar Klien today strives to extend traditional practices of composing, producing and listening far beyond the established settings of concert music. He works in various areas of the audible and occasionally inaudible arts navigating the manifold links in-between the different modes of human perception, the spheres of presentation and the roles these play in the communal generation of meaning.
Most recently his works were presented in Vienna at the Mumok (Wien Modern) and at the Oberes Belvedere (Carlone Contemporary).