Sun Nov. 7, 2021

Nubiyan Twist (GB)

Nubiyan Twist are a 9 piece collective of musicians and producers, sharing in a monumental sound comprised of Jazz, Dub, Hiphop, Afrobeat and RnB. Infectiously danceable grooves, punchy arrangements, a giant horn sound, futuristic textures are all included in the energetic live show and studio material alike.

“Funky, virtuoso, progressive… an impressive collection of rich rhythm bars” Buzz

“A bombastic salvo of jive-inducing sonic influences. Undeniably infectious.” – NARC

All of this is kept in check by master producer Tom Excell, whose broad musical identity originated from his father’s deeply diverse record collection spanning music from the African diaspora to UK Jungle and bassline. Now in their 10th Year, Nubiyan Twist have developed their fiery performance through tirelessly touring around Europe in support of their previous releases “Nubiyan Twist” (Wormfood Records, October 2015) and “Jungle Run” (Strut Records, March 2018), which featured musical titans Mulatu Astatke and Tony Allen.

“Their second album recognises no borders.” – Mojo
Third album is due for release on Strut Records in September 2020, and will feature guest appearances from Pat Thomas, Soweto Kinch, Cherise, Ruby Wood, KOG, Ego Ella May and Ria Moran alongside vocals from long standing band members Nick Richards and Pilo Adami.

“A beautiful blend of groovy dub with uplifting horns and soulful vocals” – The Guardian

“Celebratory… packs a heavy punch” – Afropunk