Mo 1. Juli 2019

Sofia Taliani 'Concert for One'

ausverkauft !

Sofia Taliani: piano, voice

• Ein dunkler Raum. Ein Besucher, hinter dem sich die Türe schließt. Eine Stimme. A Cappella. Live. Unplugged. Hautnah. Musikalische Bilder aus Liedern von Sofias italienischem Liederbuch: „Italianita“ und ihrem „A Hollywood Song-Book“.

How does a "Concert for One" by Sofia Taliani work? In a dark room a single guest gets comfortable waiting for the concert to start.The door shuts and a voice fills the room. Sofia's voice alone performs a selection of her songs. Sofia's Concerts for One are miniature concerts by one person for one person lasting about 5-7 minutes with a maximum of 8 in a day. It is a deep felt experience, very personal and intimate because nothing distracts the listener from that one single hanging acapella voice. It has been appreciated at the Venice Biennale and Guggenheim museum, the Teatro Central of Seville...The guests (6) are accompanied to their performance one by one. (Pressetext)

Eintritt: Pay as you wish an der Abendkassa bzw. 7,50.- € im VVK inkl. Sitzplatzreservierung