Fr 26. Januar 2018

Marc Ribot Solo (USA)

Marc Ribot: guitar

Improvisation, standards, noise, and some of Some Of The Harmony Of Maine (Cage)

Zuerst konnte man ihn bei den Lounge Lizards, mit Tom Waits, Elvis Costello und den Jazz Passengers wahrnehmen. Dann gründete er seine erste eigene Band, die Rootless Cosmopolitans. Er spielte mit John Zorn, schloss sich mit seiner nächsten Band Shrek dessen Radical Jewish Culture an, begibt sich mit Spiritual Unity auf Albert Aylers Spuren oder rockt mit Ceramic Dog. Zwischendurch spielt er hin und wieder eine Soloplatte auf der akustischen Gitarre ein – wohl seine intimste Arbeit! Einer der ganz großen Avantgardisten der Neuzeit. (Muku St. Johann)

Enigmatic guitarist Marc Ribot has released 6 very diverse solo guitar albums: (including John Zorn’s Book of Heads, Plays the Works of Frantz Casseus, Saints, Don’t Blame Me, Exercises in Futility) and his latest release, Silent Movies (Pi Recording 2010) has been described as a "down-in-mouth-near master piece" by the Village Voice and has landed on several Best of 2010 lists including the LA Times and critical praise across the board. His live solo performances are unpredictable events which may draw on all of these or none, creating a sonic matrix of memory, free improvisation, zeitgeist, extra-terrestrial radio signals, and much more...always leaving the listener on the edge of their seats.

“In the hear-a-pin-drop setting of Cafe Oto, Ribot's intense, heartfelt commitment invited not only the closest of listening but also allowed scrutiny of his technical approach, offering a minor spectacle as well as a rare, transportative musical experience.” – London Jazz News, review of his 2015 OTO residency

"...he can sit down with just his guitar and simultaneously confound you with technique, beauty, and surprise." - John Garratt and Will Layman, PopMatters Picks: The Best Music of 2010 for the album "Silent Movies."

"In discussing the guitarist Marc Ribot, it's more efficient to wonder what he hasn't done then to list what he has actually accomplished. Across four decades, Ribot's career has spanned smooth soul and gnarled blues, blaring no wave and elegant film scores, solo composer roles and Tom Waits supporting work; that's only a sliver of his prolificacy... Though his solo range is only slightly less boundless than his overall discography, he favors quiet, intricate improvisations around standards that you will recognize in flashes but will rarely sound repetitive of their sources. Ribot is a master of timing, tone, and taste, with a bank of experiences so vast and varied he can navigate his way through any song or situation with panache. Consider this visit a master lesson." —Grayson Haver Currin,