Sa 8. Juli 2017

World Peace Trio (GB/IND/JOR/A)

Gilad Atzmon: alto, soprano saxophone, clarinet, electronics
Dwiki Dharmawan: piano, synthesizer
Kamal Musallam: oud, acoustic & electric guitar
special guest: Klemens Marktl: drums

Led by renowned saxophonist Gilad Atzmon, the trio features Indonesian piano maestro Dwiki Dharmawan, Arabic fusion guitarist Kamal Musallam and special guest Klemens Marktl on drums and percussion.

With the drums of war beating and peace feeling ever more like an exotic dream, the World Peace Trio is attempting to bridge the divide through musical harmony. Together, these three world class musicians are turning peace into poetic reality through a new collaborative sound.

From the percussive ‘gamelan’ orchestras of Indonesia to North Africa’s classical Andalusian music via the enchanting sounds of the Orient, embark on a musical odyssey with the World Peace Trio.

World Peace Trio have recorded their first album in Jakarta and Bali. The album due to be released in June 2017 by ENJA RECORDS.