Mi 12. Oktober 2016

Uri Caine Trio (USA)

Uri Caine: piano
Mark Helias: bass
Clarence Penn: drums

Caine's solo and ensemble albums have re-imagined the music of Bach, Mozart, Mahler and Verdi, toyed with more conventional jazz repertoire and realised his own pieces. Unifying his work has been an unusual ability to make his love of the zany cohabit with an almost painful beauty. (John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald)

Pianist Uri Caine has found a path out of the hard-bop mainstream that has consumed a legion of fashionable young men in lounge suits for over a decade. (Stuart Nicholson, Classical-music.com)

In some hands, a venture like this could simply be an uncomprehending enforced cohabitation between utterly dissimilar sensibilities - but Uri Caine's passion, wit, expertise and shrewd sense of when to bend his beautiful borrowings and when to leave them be, makes a triumph out of it. (John Fordham, The Guardian)

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Jüdischen Museum Wien