May 12, 2020
By Christoph Huber

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Pomeglobe is a non-profit peace project with an emphasis on intercultural dialogue. It examines the story of the pomegranate in different cultures in order to establish the fruit as a symbol for non-violent communication: Show interculturality – spread peace.
Because of its unique form, color and inner nature the pomegranate is a symbol of love, fertility. wisdom, beauty and might and plays a significant role in many religions, kitchens and mythologies worldwide. This, as well as the fact that the pomegranate has its origins in Mesopotamia and spread over the whole world, renders the globalized fruit the ideal emblem to enable and sustain communication between people with different opinions all over the planet.
In order to create public awareness persons of public life will be asked to make their public appearances together with a pomegranate. Moreover, Austrian and Viennese media and press will be contacted engulfing possibilities of cooperation to integrate the pomegranate in their articles. Moreover, social media will be asked to cooperate and provide a pomegranate Emoticon for everyone to download and use.
In times of the corona crisis, which means lockdown and separation in many countries, the awareness and promul- gation of intercultural values is more important than ever. The aim of the project is the establishment of the pome- granate as a symbol for peaceful communication which is accepted and used in every corner of the world.
Grab your pomegranate and spread the idea!