Fr, 04.03.2016
Alex Deutsch '40 Years of Smoking Drums'

20:30 h
  Harri Stojka / John Megill / Thomas David / Lylit / Saint Lu / BartolomeyBittmann ...


  Harri Stojka feat. Peter Strutzenberger (bass) & aX
John Megill (voc) feat. Rafi D. & Yossi Fine (bass) & aX
intimate encounters
Exclusiv: Thomas David & aX
Exclusiv: Lylit feat. Yossi Fine & aX
Exclusiv: Saint Lu (voc) feat. Yossi Fine & aX
Premier Exclusiv: BartolomeyBittmann feat. Matthias Bartolomey (cello), Klemens Bittmann (mandola, violin) & aX
Late Nite Gelee Royal Session wfeat. Luis Ribeiro (perc), Horst Schaffer (tp), Karim Martusevicz (bass) and other awesome musicians & DJs Jürgen Drimal (Superfly, Easy Does it), Luis Figueroa (Superfly, The Loud Minority)

  40 Years of Smoking Drums
14 Micro Concerts and 3 slammin’ Gelee Royal sessions within 3 days
March 4/5/6 2016 – Porgy&Bess Music Club / Vienna

I feel deeply touched and honored and i am looking forward to celebrate my 40th stage anniversary as a drummer with some of the most outstanding and slammin’ musicians and artists on this planet i was blessed to make music and magic happen with over the past decades, including some of my dearest friends and family. (Alex Deutsch)

EUR 20,00

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