Do, 21.01.2016
Portrait Wolfgang Reisinger

20:30 h
  Yess Ornette (A/F) / Elastic Chicago Quartet (A/USA)


  Yess Ornette
Emile Parisien: soprano saxophone
Jean Paul Celea: bass
Wolfgang Reisinger: drums

Elastic Chicago Quartet
Jaimie Branch: trumpet
Paul Giallorenzo: piano, synthesizer
Jason Roebke: bass
Wolfgang Reisinger: drums, electronics

  Yess Ornette
Celea was initiating this trio with his longstanding accomplice Wolfgang Reisinger, a major player on the Austrian scene. Sought after by such masters as Dave Liebman and Joachim Kühn, their tandem stands out as one of the most luxurious European rhythmics of the time. At their side, Émile Parisien, a young saxophonist of surprising maturity, whose modernity and energy wonderfully prolong Coltrane's heritage. The trio takes a new look at historical or unpublished compositions by Ornette Coleman, whose melodic invention and rhythmic flexibility offer musicians great freedom of execution and exceptional harmonic invention. (Outhere Music)

Elastic Chicago Quartet
The second set quartet matching Austrian drummer Wolfgang Reisinger with locals Jason Roebke on doublebass, Paul Giallorenzo on piano/synthesizer and now-Baltimorean Jaimie Branch on trumpet covered a significantly diverse amount of improvisatory territory … Branch was really on point this set, shivering out deep-fat-fryer oil spit and hiss, and even getting really mean and shocking with villainous blasts. All that spit and breath were like a sea mammal breaching the surface to exhale after a long swim and coming up all bright and slippery, her solo an extraordinary growl of mad cauldron spoils. Roebke ran a marmalade stand, making thump marmalade. Instead of grinding spices to just sprinkle a little into a dish, these four were using the whole seeds to season. (Andrew Choate)

EUR 20,00

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