So, 21.02.2016
Earcandy presents

20:30 h
  Daniel Norgren 'The Green Stone' (S)


  Daniel Norgren: vocals, guitar, drums
line up tba

  Daniel Norgren will release his latest album, The Green Stone, 16 October.
April 2015 saw the release of Norgrenís fifth full length, Alabursy, which was praised by both press and audiences as one of the most powerful albums of the year, and was recorded onto cassette tapes in Norgrenís home, nestled in the woods of Sweden. The Green Stone, alternately, is half home tracks (featuring some rare, 1950s-1970s era house organs from Norgrenís personal collection), while the rest of the tracks were recorded more traditionally, in a studio. The Green Stone is a very personal record, with pictures of spaces Norgen calls home, and people that he misses and loves. The album will be celebrated over a swath of European tour dates throughout the remainder of 2015, and will also stretch into the new year. (Pressetext)
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