Wed April 24, 2019

The New Standard Trio feat. Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow & Bobby Previte (USA)

Jamie Saft: piano, organ
Steve Swallow: bass
Bobby Previte: drums

In his review for Allmusic, Thom Jurek notes that "The New Standard delivers a series of memorable modern compositions based on older forms but doesn't revel in nostalgia or irony. It's obvious from the end result how much these three massively talented players love this music, and it's quite logical how in such an informal setting, they reveal just how much there is to be discovered and learned from in them". On All About Jazz, Glenn Astarita said "In sum, the trio projects a refreshing slant, partly due to the respective musicians' distinctive and stylistic musical personas, that seamlessly transforms into this memorable spin on the conventional piano trio format".Andy Boeckstaens in London Jazz News wrote "It is hard to believe that Saft, Swallow and Previte have not previously worked together as a unit. Much more downhome than Downtown, this CD – all first takes, by the way - is beautifully simple and simply beautiful". In JazzTimes Mike Shanley observed "Saft proves himself extremely capable in more conventional jazz settings on The New Standard. ...Things are loose, with themes taking a backseat to group interaction, and the feeling is contagious. Even when the tune is limited to three chords, Swallow keeps it fresh with some heavy walking. If Previte isn’t dropping bombs, he turns the beat into a boogaloo shuffle or a soul groove".